art sculpteur sculpture mosaïque

art sculpteur sculpture mosaïque


N° SIREN : 428 656 755

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    I was born on the 28th of august 1965, but this does not really mather.

    It was from 1989 that things really became significant. As a self-trained artist, a bit of a "Jack of all trades", I discovered sculpting : I began with the clay, working first on bas-reliefs then on busts. I came to consider the latter to be consummate exercise to master volumes. Yet, from the start, I knew that this was a first step towards harder materials : stone, and, eventually marble.

    For a few years, I worked by instinct but time ceasels one's works and certain themes gradually became recurrent, almost unawares. I then found that I had to think on the meaning of my endeavour. What was my mind trying to show me through my works? What force links material to our existences? Beyond the pleasure provided by the contact with the materials and the physical -sometimes harsh- work of sculpting stone, I try day after day to understand and discover how an abstract idea takes shape, sometimes against our wills.

    I was tought to do all this work by Pierre Jean Lionnet; a sculpting master who followed my progress for several years. Then I felt the need to extend my experiments, to try not only new techniques but also new ways to approach my own art. That was when I left France: I stayed in Europe, Canada, Alaska, Egypt, but also and foremost in Latin America (Chili, Argentine, Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras, Porto-rico). In Cuba, I learnt to work marble with the sculptor Pedro Miguel Pulido. As for mosaïc, I owe everything I know to Antoine de Crozé.

    Nowadays, I sometimes work for special orders (a bas-relief for a town, a statue for a chapel,...) but I try not to lose sight of my initial goal, nor of my formal quest, which will lead me... God knows where.